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BOSS OIL for Hot Bearing Emergencies
Stabilizes and minimizes the increasing oil temperature and mitigates destructive component wear
BOSS OIL is designed to be an immediate and temporary treatment for “hot bearings” for trunnion bearings. The use of BOSS OIL helps to stabilize and minimize the increasing oil temperature and mitigate destructive component wear.

BOSS OIL’s emergency oil additives enhance the load carrying properties of the service oil to reduce friction and wear of the bearing components. BOSS OIL is compatible with both petroleum and synthetic-based lubricants and may be used indefinitely, or as needed.
How to Use BOSS OIL
When the unit is in operation, pour BOSS OIL directly into the bearing fill port to mix with the service oil. BOSS OIL works to reduce the oil temperature and give the plant time to correct the issue, allowing the plant to save hundreds of thousands of dollars in trunnion bearing repair.

This product applies quickly when time is of the essence. As little as one to two quarts of our emergency oil additive can prevent an emergency kiln shutdown.
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