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Chela – Chela Blue Tab

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In every commercial cooling system (e.g. Fan coil unit, Air handling unit, Refrigerators), there is a condensate drain pan for collection of condensate water – The drain pan is prone to bacteria and mould growth as it is situated in a dark and damp environment.

Build-up of slime as a result of bacteria growth and accumulation of dust and dirt eventually clogs the drain hole. This causes the condensate water to overflow, resulting in leaking cooling system. Since air is constantly carried across the drain pan, bacteria and mould spores can also be carried into the air stream, causing health problems to the occupants of the room.

When used in a condensate drain pan, CHELA BlueTab prevents bacteria and mould growth in the drain pan and hence ensures clean, bacteria and mould free air. Moreover, usage of the BlueTab also prevents foul odours and leaking of water from the cooling system. The block uses controlled release technology, which enables consistent and long lasting performance. The BlueTab is designed to release effective levels of cleaning and disinfecting agents into the condensate water. Release of the active ingredients occurs by gradual dissolution of the block.



Last up to 3 months (conditional)
No product residue – 100% water soluble
Sticks to drain pan
Environmentally friendly
User friendly

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