LOCTITE EA 9392 AERO, epoxy paste adhesive, two-component
LOCTITE® EA 9392 AERO is a two-component paste adhesive, which cures at room temperature and possesses excellent shear strength at high temperatures. This product exhibits excellent toughness and yields durable bonds over a wide temperature range.



LOCTITE EA 9392 is an innovative epoxy adhesive product that was designed specifically for industrial application. In this respect, it performs well either under high loads or challenging chemicals environments, facilitating bonding of different materials.

LOCTITE EA 9392 is two-component epoxy adhesive, which is form as a result of perfect synergy of epoxy with amine hardener and which is characterized by remarkable features in industrial field of applications. Whether for metals, plastics or composites this –adhesive guarantees the needed strength, flexibility or toughness.

Technical Specifications:

Property Specification
Color Amber
Mix Ratio 2:1
Working Time 60 minutes at 25°C
Cure Time 24 hours at 25°C
Tensile Strength 3,500 psi
Temperature Resistance -55°C to +120°C


LOCTITE EA 9392, which belongs to family of high-performance epoxy adhesives and is applied in the industries like aerospace, automotive and electronics for the purposes of bonding, potting and sealing products. This material can be used to achieve a wide variety of surface finishes on several substrates which include, but not limited to, metals, ceramics, and many plastics.


This epoxy adhesive is user- friendly and tough that can resist harsh environment resulting in its use it suitable for the production of industrial products that are under critical conditions.


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LOCTITE EA 9392 Product Information Sheet