Open Gear Lube
Our premium quality open gear lubricant is specially formulated to be applied by all methods: spray, oiling pinion, automatic lube systems, pick-up transfer, or by hand.

Its synthetic base requires no diluents for pumping, and coats the gear surface with high film strength; it is also water resistant and protects against wear. During extended use and when exposed to elevated temperatures, our open gear lube remains soft and pliable which allows for continuous protection and minimizing run-out.

The use of Easy Bar®’s Open Gear Lube reduces consumption and enhances your protection of your kiln’s pinion and bull gear. In addition, this product lowers your cost to lubricate as it has the ability to resist squeeze-out.
This product is specifically designed for Pinion and Bull gear application. Our Synthetic Open Gear Lube does not require diluents or heating for application, and will not become hard and brittle on gear surfaces through use or heat exposure. Not only does this reduce product consumption, but also provides a cleaner work environment. The synthetic base of our open gear lubricant improves pumpability at low ambient temperatures compared to petroleum based compounds. It may be applied by brush, paddle, or spray systems.

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