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Rivets Nuts UNI 9201/9202

Flange Head Knurled Rivet

Nuts with an open end are installed using a special tool with a threaded stud that engages with the internal threads of the rivet nut and pulls upwards, in turn deforming the unthreaded section of the rivet nut to expand under the reverse side of the material.

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Flange Head Rivet Nuts

Flange Head Rivet Nuts with a knurled body and open-end are ideal for load-bearing applications due to the large diameter head. They offer increased resistance to pull-out whilst reinforcing the hole.

These rivet nut fasteners are a form of internally threaded insert that are used in applications where the material thickness is too small to tap a conventional thread. Using rivet nuts provides a strong thread in thin sheets of material for high strength fastening from bolts and other threaded articles.

The knurled body of the countersunk rivet nut provides an ‘anti-rotation’ feature, preventing it from moving when subject to vibration, especially when installed into softer materials. The open end style rivet nut allows the stud or male threaded component to thread through the rivet nut without constricting the length or protrusion of the male threaded part.