Spring Balancer

Type                          Model          Capacity (kg)       Stroke (m)      Remarks

Small Capacity       MT SB-5            3-5                      1.9                  Suits for light weight tools

Standard                  MT SB-9            5-9                      1.8

                              MT SB-15           9-15                    1.8                        Standard models and most popular series, suits for welding gun, pneumatic tools…. etc

                                  MT SB-30         22-30                  1.5

MT SB-40         30-40                  1.5

MT SB-50         40-50                  1.5

MT SB-80         70-80                  1.5


Spring balancer is an auxiliary tool for suspending heavy weight objects. It is used by people who are engaged in continuous and repetitive work on the production line to hang, concentrate, move and remove tools.

Application Places

For product assembly line

■ Frequent fastening screws, bolts and nuts.

■Suspending a jig, tool, welding gun…, etc.


Easy to operate, no electrical or pneumatic hazards

Fall arrest and drum lock devices can prvent the suspended object from falling.

Save workshop space and reduce production costs.

Prevent damage to tools.

Reduce staff fatigue and improve work efficiency.

Makes the position of a tool stable and contribute to accurate work. >> Reduces fatigue and improve operation efficiency

We can also supply more styles to cater for your special needs, including:

1. Large Capacity series (Suits for heavy weight devices like multiple nut runner) Capacity: from 80-100kg to 185-205kg. Stroke: 1.7m/2m.

2. Long Stroke series (Suits for high celling applications) Capacity: from 5-9kg to 50-60kg. Stroke: 2.3m/2.8m. Capacity: 60-70kg & 70-80kg, Stroke: 3m.


3. Unpainted series (Suits for food industry) Capacity & Stroke: covering all items.


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