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VK Jelly Pickling Gel / Pickling Paste for Stainless Steel

What is VK Jelly?

VK Jelly ® ( Pickling Gel / Pickling Paste form ) which is used to clean weld seams and surrounding areas and is applied with brush. VK JELLY, Stainless steel weld cleaning gel, is used to remove heavy scales, discolouration, annealing colours, rust particles near weld and welding affected area by heat without grinding or wire brushing or buffing.

Coverage : Approx. 100 meters of running weld seam / kg of VK Jelly.

Both pickling and passivation are chemical processes that are utilized to provide protection to metals against corrosion and pitting. In either process, an acidic solution is applied to the metal surface to remove contaminants and to aid in the formation of a continuous, chromium-oxide passive film.

What is the process of passivation?
The passivation process is a method of improving the corrosion resistance of stainless steel parts by removing ferrous contaminants like free iron from their surface, restoring them to their original corrosion specifications.

Pickling is the process used to remove weld heat tinted layers from the surface of stainless steel fabrications, where the steel’s surface chromium level has been reduced.

Application Steps

VK Jelly is applied on weld seam & surrounding areas with a nylon bristled plastic brush
Keep VK Jelly for 5 to 30 minutes (contact time) depending on contamination, temperature & grade of Stainless Steel.
Use pressurized water jet spray OR wipe the weld seam lightly with plastic brush & wash with water thoroughly.

Product Range

VK Jelly Pickling Gel

VK Jelly Pickling Gel

VK Jelly ( Pickling Gel / Pickling Paste form ) which is used to clean weld seams and surrounding areas and is applied with brush.

VK Jelly Pickling Spray

VK Pickling Spray

VK ® Spray Stainless Steel Pickling Spray Gel is used to clean large stainless steel surface areas with plastic spray pump or pressurised spray bottle.

VK Picking Dip Liquid

VK Dip Liquid

VK® Dip is Fumeless Stainless Steel Pickling Passivation Liquid Solution which is used for immersion (dipping) application.

VK Pass 1

VK Pass 1

VK® Passivation should be used after the application of VK Jelly, VK Spray or VK Dip as it is a must to passivate S.S. surface after pickling.

VK Pass 2

VK Pass 2

VK Pass-2 is Safe, biodegradable, non-toxic, non-hazardous chelant passivation cleaner used for Stainless Steel tanks, etc.

VK Neutralizer

VK Neutralizer

VK® Neutralizer removes environmental pollution problems associated with stainless steel pickling and passivation.


Pickling and Passivation process removes free iron contamination left behind on the surface of the stainless steel from machining and fabricating. These contaminants are potential corrosion sites that result in premature corrosion and ultimately result in deterioration of the component if not removed.In addition, the passivation process facilitates the formation of a thin, transparent oxide film that protects the stainless steel from selective oxidation ( corrosion ).

The failure of stainless steel components due to corrosion can reach catastrophic proportions. The cost in time, materials, rectification and lost production can be tremendous. If passivation is not carried out stainless steel can rust due to surface free iron, and since chlorides are also often absorbed from the atmosphere, some ferric chloride will be produced. Prolonged contact with ferric chloride will eventually initiate pitting and crevice corrosion on the stainless steel surface. Proper passivation will assist in the optimal restoration of the chrome oxide passive layer.

Any mechanical treatment damages top protective chromium oxide layer of stainless steel components. It damages by,

  • Ferritic contamination matter.
  • Structural changes in top layers of stainless steel.
  • Inbuilt stress development.
  • Chromium content reduction on top layer of stainless steel.

Even high temperature applications like welding & annealing makes surface of stainless steel discoloured and oxide scally. This makes value of stainless steel to reduce not only by appearance but also with lower corrosion resistance due to ferric oxide. Due to these contaminations protective layer of chromium oxide can not form at that spot and corrosive stain builds up on insufficiently passivated stainless steel.

Properly pickled & passivated stainless steel and welding seams offers following qualities,

  1. Smooth surface, which is metallically pure & free from any discolouration and scale.
  2. High level of corrosion resistance of the Stainless Steel component.
  3. Good appearance.

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