Hand Stacker

  • Used for loading goods onto or unloading goods from pallets and stacking goods.
  • Compact truck body especially suitable for narrow aisles and small spaces.
  • Seals ring conforming to German standards ensure excellent performance.
  • Frame constructed of high strength C type steel.
  • The cylinders use high precision drawn tubes which prevents the seal rings from damage and leakage.
  • Press resistant caster bracket protects the operator from injuries.
  • Foot pedal provides an additional option for convenient lifting

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Hand Pallet Stackers are ideal for raising and lowering loads up to 5000kg (5Tonne), most stackers are complete with forks and act in a similar way to forklifts, others feature load rated tables for positioning. Frequently utilised for lifting pallets, we also offer our ‘straddle’ leg models to enable picking of pallets right off the floor, stackers can also be used to lift other loads and we supply a variety of attachments from booms to cradles and lifting points.