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Hydralyte Electrolyte Powder Watermelon Flavour, 20 Packets x 20g

  • Product Size: 20 grams
  • Higher Potassium. Lower Sodium. Deeper Hydration
  • Rapidly replaces fluid and electrolytes
  • No artificial coloring or flavouring

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Hard work, heat and stress – the perfect recipe for intense thirst. Heat and physical exertion increases the body temperature due to which body looses huge amounts of sweat (sweat contains water & electrolytes). To maintain the body temperature body releases sweat, which causes severe dehydration. HYDRALYTE isotonic, means it is a perfect sodium, potassium and glucose formula that matches the body’s fluids, similar to an IV. It absorbs quickly & protects you from heat exhaustion, heat stroke and muscle cramps.
When you work hard, HYDRALYTE will work harder. When the heat is on, drink HYDRALYTE to cool you down.