Molykote BR-2 Plus

Molykote BR-2 Plus High Performance Grease is a lithium soap thickened, mineral oil grease fortified with MoS2 and other solid lubricants. It is a heavy duty, extreme pressure lubricant with high load carrying capability at moderate to high speeds. It is recommended for ball and socket joints, threaded spindles, sliding guides, and roller bearings. It provides protection against oxidation, scaring, corrosion, and water washout.


Product Sizes

400 g cartridge – 10 per carton
1 kg can – 10 per carton
16 kg pail
25 kg pail
55 kg drum
180 kg drum


Molykote BR2 Plus Multi-Purpose E.P. Grease is a high-quality, lithium soap grease that contains an optimum percentage of solid lubricants, including MoS2, in combination with other highly effective extreme-pressure additives. It has a wide range of applications and is well-suited for plain and antifriction bearings as well as other grease lubricated machine elements. It performs equally well under high loads and high speeds or under low speeds and reciprocating motion.

  • Key Properties

    NLGI Grade 2 – MO-based grease with a base oil viscosity of 110 cSt at 40°C, lithium-thickened, uses molybdenum disulfide as solid lubricant.

  • Applications

    Used successfully on roller bearings, plain bearings, sliding guides, roller guides, ball-and-socket joints, splined shafts and threaded spindles.

    • Machining spindles
    • Multi-purpose penetrant
    • Plain bearings, bushings & sleeves
    • Power screw drives
    • Rolling element bearings
    • Slides guides & tracks
  • Performance Benefits
    • High load-carrying capacity
    • Suitable for long-term lubrication
    • Good oxidation resistance
    • Emergency running properties, i.e. in the case of mixed friction providing of wear protection by solid Lubricants and EP additives
    • Good protection against scarring (false Brinelling)
    • Good water-washout resistance
    • Good corrosion protection
    • Good protection against fretting corrosion
    • Good corrosion protection
    • Good fretting protection
    • Good oxidation resistance
    • Good water resistance
    • High load carrying capability
    • High speed performance
    • High wear resistance
    • Low speed performance


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