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Hopper For Waste Material

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Hopper For Waste Material
A selfdump hopper is a container used to temporarily store materials so that they can be dumped easily. Metal Dump Hoppers are used in construction, warehousing, agriculture and other material handling industries to process, dispose of or relocate materials. Some self dumping hoppers or trash hoppers attach to forklifts. They usually operate by picking up the raw materials or refuse, automatically returning to an upright position and locking so that they can be reloaded. Steel Dump Hoppers are categorized by volume capacity, weight capacity, depth or length, width or diameter, and what they are made of. The versatility, dependability, and variety of self dumping hoppers and trash hoppers make them an essential component for any worksite dealing with large, often unmanageable, material. At Nationwide, we feel self dumping hoppers (also known as forklift hoppers) are the most useful and practical type of hopper.

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