Araldite Standard

Araldite Standard is a super strong gap filling epoxy adhesive for household, workshop, industry, repairs. Water proof and chemical resistant. Bonds most materials to themselves or to one another specially to metal, wood, glass, ceramics, rigid plastics and concrete.

  • Cures fast at room temperature 18 – 24 Degree C.
  • Enables rapid but durable assembly and repair work. cures slowly at temperature down to 5 degree c.
  • Apply on clean and dry surface.


Araldite Standard – Two component high strength epoxy adhesive.

Epoxies are created by polymerizing a mixture of two starting compounds, the resin and the hardener. When resin is mixed with a specified catalyst, curing is initiated. As the most widely used structural type adhesive, epoxy adhesives are commonly offered as either one component or two component systems. It has negligible shrinkage on curing and hence good dimensional stability.

Directions to use:

Application Area:

• Bonds anything to anything like metals, ceramic, plastic, glass, wood, rubber
• The original heavy duty araldite, formulated to survive in most conditions
• Ideal for large assembly or many components (Industrial usage)
• Long working life, sets in 90 minutes
• Waterproof, oil impact and chemical resistant
• Prevents sagging, no shrinkage after curing
Packaging Details:
• 180 Gm Box

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