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BAL-200® Bearing Assembly Lubricant
Balance, align, and lift your turbine rotor’s shaft and bearing surfaces during assembly and maintenance with BAL-200®. This product provides superior lubrication for the bearing surfaces of turbines. To use, simply apply as needed to coat the shaft surface. After use, our BAL-200® provides smooth and effortless rotation of the turbine shaft during overhauls and outages.

BAL-200® is compatible with turbine oil and will not change the turbine oil’s performance characteristics
BAL-200® is internationally trusted by turbine manufacturers such as: ALSTOM , GENERAL ELECTRIC , MITSUBISHI POWER SYSTEMS INC , SIEMENS
The BAL-200® is compatible with all Petroleum-based fluids (Groups I, II, and III), Synthetic Hydrocarbons and PAO’s (Group IV). Our bearing assembly lubricant is utilized for servicing the support bearing on Induced draft, Forced draft and Primary air fans.

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