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Easy Bar® Graphite Lubricant Spray
The Easy Bar® SP graphite spray lube provides protection for five wear zones with a single lubricant. The use of our graphite lubricant spray effectively combats the wear of the 1. inside tire bore, 2. stop blocks, 3. wear pads, 4. leaf seals, and 5. thrust button.

When combined with our patented Easy Bar®, both products work together to protect your equipment from costly repairs, wear, and damage. During use, you’ll find that our graphite spray lube applies with paint-on precision and accuracy, and evaporates cleanly, with no sticky residue left behind. Like the Easy Bar®, Easy Bar® Spray has an extremely high auto-ignition, allowing you to apply our graphite lubricant spray to surfaces that have greatly elevated temperatures. It’s safe for you and your equipment!

Our spray can be applied with portable or fixed applicators. The product’s high content of lubricating solids fills surface imperfections, resulting in a smoother surface, reduced friction, and less wear. This improves the lubrication between filler bars and riding rings to reduce weld fractures at the filler bar and kiln shell interface, contributing to extended shell life and refractory service.

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