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KARAM Restraint Webbing Lanyards (30mm)

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KARAM Restraint Webbing Lanyards (30mm)

KARAM offers a wide range of Webbing Lanyards made from high tenacity polyester yarn, having different configuration of connectors on the ends.

  • The Webbing Lanyards in this section are made up of 30 mm wide polyester webbing.
  • The loops at the ends are protected by an abrasion resistant covering, which prevents the webbing from being damaged by the metallic contact of the connector.
All KARAM Lanyards are also supplied with any other hook on special request. Available in lengths 1.0m, 1.5m, 1.8m, and 2.0m


  All Lanyards with different combinations of connectors mentioned below are individually certified as per EN 354 : 2010.

KARAM Restraint Webbing Lanyards (30mm)