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NST-100 is a new advanced degreaser & cleaner for removing oil, grease , mid rust , soil etc. at low temperature.

NST-100 is a sulphur free degreaser so it can be used in hygenic industries like pharmaceutical, cosmetics, food etc.

It can be used for dipping, spraying , swabbing or in Ultrasonic machines. The dilution of it in water depends on method of application.

Add 50-75 gm/litres in water (1kg NST-100 in 15-20 litres water), stir to dissolve. Wipe SS surface with cotton cloth / pressurised spray for 3-5 minutes or soak small parts for 10 minutes. Keep in contact NST- 100 solution with the surface for 5-15 minutes. Then rinse the surface thoroughly with water and allow it to dry.

Best working temperature =  25 – 40 oC

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