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Klüber BARRIERTA L 55/2 High-temperature long-term greases 100g

Klüber BARRIERTA L 55/2 – High-temperature long-term grease

  • Your demanding application requires a high-quality lubricant of the highest quality and excellent lubrication properties.
  • BARRIERTA is Europe’s oldest high-quality brand of hightemperature lubricants based on perfluorinated polyether oil (PFPE). Today the name of BARRIERTA is widely regarded as synonymous with long-term stability and thermal resistance.
  • We are committed to live up to this good reputation. BARRIERTA L55 series products are made from clearly specified raw materials and the production and quality of the end product is closely monitored.
  • BARRIERTA L 55/0-3 series long-term greases offer excellent resistance to high temperature and aggressive media and at the same time compatibility with plastics and elastomers.
  • The lubricants were developed for incidental contact with products and packaging materials in the food-processing, cosmetics, pharmaceutical or animal feed industries. BARRIERTA L 55/0-3 are NSF H1 registered and therefore comply with FDA 21 CFR § 178.3570. The use of BARRIERTA L 55/0-3 can contribute to increase reliability of your production processes. We nevertheless recommend conducting an additional risk analysis, e.g. HACCP.
  • Content: 100g tube
  • Available in 100g tube, 180g can, 800g cartridge, 1kg can, 10kg bucket


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Benefits for your application:

  • Higher machine availability and less need for maintenance

– at very high operating temperatures up to 260 °C
– under the influence of aggressive media and vapours
– when used with plastics and sealing materials

  • Reliable operation in numerous industries and component types

– thanks to BARRIERTA base oils, which are made specifically to enable long-term stability
– backed by a large number of approvals and references for various applications
– four consistency classes to suit different applications

Rolling and plain bearings subject to high temperatures.

  • One of the wellknown strengths of the BARRIERTA L 55 series is the products’ suitability for the lubrication of bearings and guides operating under extreme temperatures. A low evaporation rate enables longest grease lives and hence longest relubrication intervals.
  • Typical applications include:

-Conveyors (load and turn rollers)
-Kiln cart wheel bearings
-Calender bearings
-Fan bearings
-Chain bearings in film stretching stenters

  • BARRIERTA L 55/1 is most frequently used for initial and longterm lubrication. For relubrication softer grades of NLGI class 1 or lower are recommended.

Product data:

Article number 090013
 NSF-H1 registration  129 400
 Chemical composition, type of oil  PFPE
 Chemical composition, solid lubricant  PTFE
 Lower service temperature  -40 °C / -40 °F
 Upper service temperature  260 °C / 500 °F
 Color space  white
 Density at 20 °C  approx. 1.96 g/cm³
 NLGI grade, DIN 51818  2
 Shear viscosity at 25 °C, shear rate 300 s-1, equipment: rotational viscometer, lower limit value  8 000 mPas
 Shear viscosity at 25°C, shear rate 300 s-1, equipment:rotational viscometer, upper limit value  12 000 mPas
 Kinematic viscosity of the base oil, DIN 51562 pt. 01/ASTM D-445/ASTM D 7042, 40 °C  approx. 420 mm²/s
 Kinematic viscosity, DIN 51562 pt. 01/ASTM D-445/ ASTM D 7042, 100 °C  approx. 40 mm²/ s
 Corrosion inhibiting properties of lubricating greases, DIN 51802, (SKF-EMCOR),
test duration: 1 week, distilled water
 <= 1 corrosion degree
 Flow pressure of lubricating greases, DIN 51805, test temperature: -40°C  <= 1 600 mbar
 Fourball tester, welding load, DIN 51350 pt. 04  >= 8 000
 Speed factor (n x dm)  approx. 300 000 mm/min
 Minimum shelf life from the date of manufacture in a dry, frostfree
place and in the unopened original container, approx.
 60 months



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